Mission Statement


fashionXact is a community-driven online platform where stores, brands, and individuals transact clothes & knowledge on and offline.

Which problems do we want to solve?

fashionXact aims to:

  • The new urban concepts we promise will help save cities and retail businesses in the heart of the city from decay and death.
  • Trends and demands will be able to be driven by the consumer and not the industry, transforming purchasing patterns.
  • The fashion industry can use these changes as an opportunity to stabilize in a volatile economy and help support a healthier planet.

Our four key value propositions:

      fashionXact re-defines the fashion industry as driven by community demand. We serve consumer demand at the source with social shopping on and offline so they save time and money in the long term.
    • We bridge between the physical contact and experience of shopping that local retail offers and the convenience of online shopping, contributing to the well-being of consumers.
    • We gather critical intelligence from the data gathered to help fashion brands save their uniqueness, cut costs, invest wisely, and increase revenue in every aspect of their business.
    • We are providing a service that everyone is going to need in a future dominated by a sharing economy.

    Why you should support us and invest in fashionXact?

    • Promote social shopping & consumer-centricity and help struggling local retailers.
    • Be an instrument of change!
    • Drive end of ownership & conquer wasteful consumerism.
    • Our business model has a new take on the shared economy of fashion and it will generate multiple novel revenue streams.

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