is an online platform, online-magazine and community where stores, brands, and individuals can make transactions of clothes, accessories and knowledge.

We believe that fashion is more than getting dressed. It’s the psychology of fashion, which is making us want and dress the way we do. It’s time, to radically rethink fashion.

When we started to embark on our fashionXact journey in 2018, we would never have imagined, how rapidly the perception of fashion can change - almost over night.

visions &

The initial idea was, to bring a ‘key’ to the world’s closet to our customers. Providing ultimate access and room to

Over the past 20 months

we’ve matured, grown our team and expanded our knowledge as tech & fashion & beauty entrepreneurs.

fashionXact is a life-style platform to revisit digital life both on- and offline to strengthen local retail, provide unique service and access, to increase the value of high quality in fashion

fashionXact brings beauty, design and aesthetics back to fashion and to your home, in the most interactive way

fashionXact provides an alternative to consumption patterns adapting to scarcity and a world of new constraints in the global fashion business.